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If you need to fix your credit and and improve your credit scores, with it done the RIGHT way, where you get real, permanent results, then you've come to the right place! My name is William Bradford and with over 15 years of experience in the Credit Repair Industry, I've been helping people just like you get the scores they need, to apply for a new home, car or funding you may need to start a new business. 
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You Might Be Wondering...Why Us?
4 Reasons To Let Us Help You
What We Can Do For You
My prices are VERY reasonable and you don't pay until you RECEIVE RESULTS. With low retainer fees, my program is worth the long-term savings and you leave with a better credit score
At the time of our Consultation, I offer an in-depth credit analysis to identify the areas that need improvement and customized credit repair strategy plan  for improving your credit scores
With my proven dispute process to the bureaus and creditors for to increase your scores, you're able to see results within 30-45 days. For completion time, as soon as 90-120 days 
My team and I have been helping small business owners and consumers by understanding the laws and how to use them to your advantage. With a strategic plan, I know how to get the job done
Improve Your Credit Score Without The Headaches
On average, our clients see a 25-100 point increase on their credit score in just 3-4 months!
Many people don't realize that their is an actual process to improving your credit score and a lot of ways to do it wrong that could actually HURT your credit. Not knowing the five elements of a FICO score and the proper steps to take, the right documents to use, and the right people to contact could do you more harm than good! That's why working with an experienced Score Improvement Specialists is very important and well worth the minimal costs, and remember you don't pay until you receive results
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                  Repair Plans
The Process
So How Does The Process Work?
The Questionnaire
Fill out our short questionnaire telling us about your situation
First Contact
We will reach out via a phone call to discuss your credit
We'll agree on a customized plan that works for you
We'll put together a system to keep track of every step
We'll start the dispute process for any errors on your report
The Response
Once a response is received, we'll follow up accordingly
Rinse And Repeat
We will continue the dispute process for other items
We'll continue monitoring your report for any incorrect items
Recent Customers We've Helped!
Here are what a couple of our most recent clients have to say about our services!
“I recently lost my job, and wanted to start my own business, but did not have money to start. I needed to apply for loans, but first had to rebuild my credit and raise my scores. 702 Credit Repair Pros helped me fix my credit in about 90 days.".”
Sean Tanner
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“I was tired of paying rent for a house that I could never own, so I wanted to purchase my own home. There were negative items on my report and my scores were low. I heard about 702 Credit Repair Pros through FaceBook and contacted them. William and his team helped me repair my credit and I just signed the papers for my first home.”
Patricia Jackson
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